Established in 2010, S.C. AGM GROUP GC S.R.L. offers a wide range of construction services and products, that are designed to meet the changing requirements of the customers.

Owning several specialty areas, the activity of the company focuses in particular on the following aspects: roads construction and civil and industrial constructions.

S.C. AGM GROUP GC S.R.L. is a company whose values, mission and vision have helped to its development and expansion. With over 30 projects completed in infrastructure and superstructure and over 50 projects completed in civil engineering, until 2014, SC AGM GROUP GC S.R.L. provides services and products to customers, who appreciate quality, safety and sustainability.

We continuously invest in technology and the development of new products, and each successful project is a combination between experience, knowledge, understanding and carrying out the commitment taken in front of the customer. Thus, we enjoy their appreciation and we manage to deliver each project on schedule and within the budget set, at the highest quality standards.

Our company’s products and services are addressed to customers who belong to public and private sectors, S.C. AGM GROUP GC S.R.L. having the needed experience and expertise, to complete construction projects, regardless of their type and size.